In order to tell your story adequate and authentic, it is so important to us, to create a bond and fully dive into your world. 

Being at your wedding is nothing we take for granted, we are all in! 

wedding photography x film 

'Honestly we couldn't imagine
having someone else photographing our Wedding. 

absolutely nailed it!' 

john J. / design

into something I would have ever expected!

This is even more of the testimonial. This is even more of the testimonial. This is even more of the testimonial. This is even more of the testimonial.

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wedding documentaries
starting at 8 hours coverage

Of course we'll be around as long as you'd like to, no limitations. You can add more hours to your coverage any time.
Every Wedding Package includes all selected & edited Images as high- and low resolution Downloads - through our online Gallery; multiple Gifs, film rolls, as well as 2 Photographers. We'll cover all travel expenses Germany-wide, to keep things simple for you. 
Reach out and we'll send you all information, including our detailed price guide.


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photography add-on

In addition to our photography packages we offer videography services.
We create modern, cinematic wedding films that are focused on telling the story of your wedding honest & atmospheric.


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couple /

photography sessions
Starting at 2 hours coverage

Couple Photography is a wonderful way to take some time to reflect on your relationship, to portray momentum or to document a Milestone like an engagement, anniversary or even moving to a new place.
Included are all selected & edited images downloadable through our online gallery as well as multiple gifs. 
Reach out for more detailed information.


the process


Reach out and tell us about you and your plans.
We are going to reply within 24 hours and send you all information needed, including our detailed Price Guide.



This is where our journey begins. 
We get to know each other.
We talk about all relevant information, have some fun and secure your date!

video call


You will receive our contract that covers all legal topics, such as illness, delivery process, etc.
We receive the signed contract and the deposit.
Now it's offical.



1-2 weeks ahead of your wedding we will have a final call to go over all details as well as the entire timeline of the day. This gives all of us clarity and ease. 

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all selected & edited images


You’ll receive all selected and edited images of your wedding, we do not limit anything. These are your memories, you deserve all of them. We go through all of the raw images, sort out blurry or closed-eye Photos and edit every single Photograph. An 8 hour photo documentary includes minimum 700 Images. Typically we deliver galleries with 800-1000 Photographs, depending on how many hours we join your wedding. Engagement or couple sessions usually include 150-200 images



We believe Photos shouldn't just be seen, they should be experienced. The way you perceive your wedding photos for the first time plays an indescribable role. This is the moment you relive this memorable day and experience it from the outer perspective. Therefore we have chosen the best platform on the market to deliver your images adequate. A seamless and visual pleasing online Gallery, that is easy to handle for you and your guests.



We charge a basic travel fee, if your wedding is located +300KM from 63739, Aschaffenburg to cover travel expenses. 

film rolls


Analogue film has a huge come back these days and as we shoot on film since years we love to include this type of Photography into our packages. Film is real, honest and unlike anything else the digital era has brought to the table. We own a wide range of 35mm film cameras and shoot either black&white or colored at your wedding. 



GIFs are the perfect way to bring more life to your gallery and to your memories. Little movements, you may not even noticed you did, suddenly become an important piece of the puzzle and complete the story we tell.

2 photographers


Photography is about perspective. That's why different Photographers take different pictures, seeing the same thing.
Even though we're at the same event, we recognize different things. One of us is primarily focused on the Wedding couple, the other one on guests, details and the surrounding. This enables us to create a holistic reflection of your Wedding where you don't miss out on anything.