common questions

how many clients do you take?

In order to give each couple the best experience possible and the highest quality, we limit the amount to only 20 Weddings per year. 


do you take on wedding weekends?

Yes, absolutely. Reach out and we will send you our Wedding Weekends Price Guide, which includes all informations about travel, accommodation, Photography coverage.


when will we receive our full gallery

You’ll receive your full wedding gallery after 10-12 weeks. Other sessions will take up to three weeks. 


what should we do in front of the camera?

Switch off your minds, and don’t be afraid of being awkward in front of the camera. Most people feel that way, as this is not a day to day Situation. But here are the good news: all you have to do is to be yourself, we’ll do the rest.


do you do same sex weddings?

Yes, definitely. 
It is our highest priority to hold a safe space to each and everyone. Mutual respect is essential for a positiv and high quality experience.


can we get our photos printed?

Sure! Nothing easier than ordering your beloved Photographs through your Online Gallery.