It depends on how many we’ll shoot, but in general: plenty. 
We do not limit anything, you’ll receive the fully edited selection we’ve chosen.


How many Photos do we get?

You’ll receive your full wedding package after six weeks. Other sessions will take up to three weeks. 


When will i receive our Images?

letting go. switch off your minds, and don’t be afraid of being awkward in front of the camera. Most people feel that way, as this is not a day to day Situation. 

But here are the good news: all you have to do is to be yourself, we’ll do the rest.


What should we do in front of the camera?

valuing Photography. If you just need someone who takes Photos of your Wedding Day, we’re probably not your choice. 

If you want someone who cares, pours love into their work, never stops learning new techniques, skills, editing styles and just puts countless Hours effort into their work, we’re your Team!


What does the payment schedule look like?