We seek simplicity, authenticity & little imperfections in order to create a holistic reflection of your Wedding. Our documentary style is centered around real emotions paired with an editorial touch. Blurry images, movement & details as well as intentional Photos, create a tangible memory.

our approach //

tangible memories 

effortless aesthetic Imagery
that mirrors your truest self

In order to tell your story adequate, it is so important to us, to create a bond and fully dive into your world. 
Being at your wedding is nothing we take for granted, we are into it.


Editorial Wedding Photographers, based in Aschaffenburg - Germany.
Available Germany wide and all over Europe.

New perspectives, places and people fascinate us and we'd always prefer the unknown over comfort.
To us, It Often feels like life is just about the glories moments, but this is kind of a misconception.
We force ourselves to embrace the lows and downs as much as the highs and keep reminding ourselves that there’s no light without the dark. 
This is why we encourage the people we work with, to be authentic, real and to let it flow.
It’s not about perfection, it’s about celebrating the moment, because everything is constantly changing.

This is us. 
our story began for more than 20 years when we were 6 years old. We met each other for the first time and became friends in first grade. 
Since almost 8 years we are navigating life together as a couple. Quietly and secretly we eloped under the tallest trees on earth in Redwoods State Park, California. One of the many highlights of our 8 months Travel through North America in 2021/2022.
A time where so much growth and change has happened and that is so very precious to us.