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estd //

1) together we lived and travelled in 4 different vehicles over the past 7 years 
2) Oregon is our favorite place on earth
3) we both know each other for more
than 20 years
4) we drove in a Škoda Fabia to the polar circle and back 

“ We define happiness through simply making the most of the time we have.”

This is why we enjoy meeting new people,
no cell service, flea markets, deep conversations, the smell of pine trees, VEGAN PIZZA, book stores, yoga, stargazing and coffee dates in town.  

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Our Mission

about us //

" Everything's changing.
 Enjoy today.
One day you will miss right now. "

our mantra

There is magic in finding joy within the small things. 



To us, It Often feels like, life is just about the glories moments, but this is kind of a misconception.

We force ourselves to embrace the lows and downs as much as the highs and keep reminding ourselves that there’s no light without the dark. 

This is why we encourage the people we work with, to be authentic, real and to let it flow.

It’s not about perfection, it’s about celebrating the moment, cause everything’s changing.

this is us.
Friends since first grade, the coolest couple in town since 2015.

We seek the unknown, find new perspectives places and people fascinating and have to admit, that our lifestyle’s a bit wild.

We can’t stay still for too long and love a good Road trip to anywhere.

mustang, skegss
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The Team

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