Our Why

This is

In 2020 we tripped Europe and set ourselves a clear goal: Talking to strangers, getting uncomfortable, saying YES to new things, giving instead of receiving. 


Sam & Larissa

But actually it didn't work out as expected

we had to admit.

This felt so magical and it showed us, that true connection can happen anywhere in the world with anyone, when we are willing to show up authentically. Our latest trip through the US proofed it once again. It blew our minds how many awesome people we've met and connected with on a deeper level. 
What we realized is that beside an open heart, our key to this is Photography and that photographing people gives us the ability to express the unspoken, the true essence of a relationship. And this makes us happy to the core.

we both always had a hard time meeting new people and making new friends.
Either we were too cliquey or others were. On both hands, there was „no space“ for someone else to fit in. And isn't connection what we all long for?
With our  upcoming travels to North America in 2018 we expected that the 'problem' would solve itself, because we would meet tons of new people. 

Doors began to open

your Wedding

true and authentically,

is our biggest thrill. We know this is special. We know these moments do not come twice. This means so much to us. We will be your safe space and give you the best possible experience, as we would want it for ourselves. Our approach is to shift the moments you’ve experienced and how they felt into an authentic, tangible memory

ThE END //